Author of Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team and How to Get on with Anyone

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How to Get On with Anyone

Most people lack the tools to deal with awkward situations and difficult people. But what if you could find out the secrets of dealing with ANY personality type? How to Get On with Anyone will give you the knowledge, principles and skills you need to improve your interactions with everyone, build your confidence and change your life

“a practical and insightful interactive toolkit”

Dr Arwen Wilcock, Institute of Leadership and Management

Motivation: The Ultimate Guide

No-one tells you how to motivate yourself or how to motivate others. You are expected to work it out for yourself. This book will help you pick your way through the motivation minefield and apply simple tools to tap into your team’s top motivators and lead them to fulfil their purpose and potential.

“a fascinating and practical book”

Professor Paul McGee aka The Sumo Guy.

Catherine is a recognized leader held in high regard among the international community of experts in the field of psychological type. She is someone I admire and whose understanding of the principles of typology is truly world-class.

Rob Toomey

President, TypeCoach

I’ve enjoyed and found the coaching and your support really invaluable. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you and your book. (Now a bit worn!).

Peter Maclellan

Industrial Project Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

I appreciated your guidance and feedback a lot. Thank you for facilitating two amazing sessions!

Thank you so much Catherine for your sessions! They were truly inspiring!!

Google Sales Leaders