...‘How to Get On with Anyone’, will give you the life-changing people skills you need to connect with others.

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How to Get On with Anyone

Most people lack the tools to deal with awkward situations and difficult people. But what if you could find out the secrets of dealing with ANY personality type? How to Get On with Anyone will give you the knowledge, principles and skills you need to improve your interactions with everyone, build your confidence and change your life

"a practical and insightful interactive toolkit"

Dr Arwen Wilcock, Institute of Leadership and Management

"Understand yourself and others so you can be more effective – this book is essential" 

Mark Stewart,
General Manager and HR Director, Airbus

"One of the best books on building relationships in all aspects of your life. Truly a practical, breakthrough book."

Linda Berens,
Director of the Berens Institute

"A really practical book with lots of ideas for real life situations at work and at home." 

Anne Whitaker,
former partner at EY 

Catherine Stothart
Author, Coach, Consultant

About the Author

I am a Leadership Coach and Team Consultant and this book results from my experience of working with individuals and teams in business and education. The most common problems people have relate to working with others - the insights, tools and tips in this book are the best way I have found to help them. And you can apply them in your life and relationships outside work too! Find out why I wrote this book.

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"Like having your own personal coach in a book - if you have ever wondered why other people don't do things the way you do, then this book is for you" Chrissie Martindale, Coach