To Do or Not to Do? 

Most people use “to-do” lists but we use them in different ways. For some people a to-do list is a list of things they will definitely do (at the appropriate time).  For others, a to-do list is a mixture of things they will do and things they “might” do. 

I am in the latter group.  I include on my to-do list, things that it would be nice to do, but are not essential.  The “might-do” things are usually the more creative, interesting things and these sometimes fall off the bottom of my list when I am busy – which is a pity, as it is those things that meet my core needs and make me feel good.  I am learning to prioritise my “to-do” list so that the “might-do” things get the time and focus I really want to give them.  

Deadlines work wonders for me.  When I am coming up to a deadline such as a holiday or being away at a conference, I get a burst of energy and become much more organised, decisive and focused.  I get more of my “to-do” list done, I delete some things that I realise are not important and I create the space for the “might-do” things with a plan for completion for when I get back. 

Think about how you use to-do lists and deadlines – what works for you?