Monthly Archives: January 2021

Want to be fitter?

According to YouGov, only a quarter of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. If your resolution was to take more exercise and get fitter, lockdown is making that even harder. And the weather in the UK doesn’t help either. But don’t grab the duvet and bury your head, there are ways to motivate yourself to stick to your resolutions…..

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WFH and Introverts

It was #World Introvert Day recently and now that most of the UK is in another period of #lockdown, it’s a good moment to work out how, and how much, to interact with others, especially if you are #workingfromhome.

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World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day started 10 years ago with the aim to help people around the world to better understand and appreciate introverts. Having a bias towards introversion does not mean you are shy, or nerdy, or can’t communicate.

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