Catherine Stothart

Author, Coach, Consultant

About Catherine Stothart

As a Leadership Coach and Team Consultant, I have:

- Coached dozens of managers to develop their leadership skills in Airbus, Audi, Shire Pharmaceuticals, United Utilities, Prinovis, KCOM. 

- Coached many teams to develop high performance ways of working

I love helping leaders be more effective, successful and happy in what they are doing, so they can make a positive difference to the people around them and to their organisations.

Find out how Leadership Coaching helps you succeed as a leader, or how Team Coaching makes your teams more effective. 

Some of my clients:

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Audi logo

"Coaching has been an absolutely worthwhile process with definite visible benefits to the person being coached and to the business"

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Eryl Stafford

Director of Engineering Operations, KCOM

"It has been fantastic working with you and I really feel you have helped me grow in my role as a leader."

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Les Peters

Head of Business,

Blackburn Audi

"I help my clients work together more effectively and get the results  they want."

I lived overseas for several years and this was a life-enhancing experience and really opened my eyes to human behaviour and cultural differences

My work has continued with this underlying theme of behavioural change and personal development ever since.

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I often use personality Type, (eg MBTI), Temperament and Interaction Styles to help my clients understand themselves and each other so they can work together more effectively and get the results they want.

Read a case study about Coaching with Type.

I am a Trustee and Board member of the British Association of Psychological Type (BAPT).

Catherine speaking at the BAPT conference in 2016 about Emotional Intelligence for Life and at the Midlands Group in 2019

Catherine's Career Highlights

• HR posts in Ford Motor Company, Mercury Communications and ICL

• Time abroad in Cairo and in Rio de Janeiro where I chaired a school governing body and completed my research and dissertation.

• Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

• Qualifications in coaching, psychometric testing and emotional intelligence

• Established Essenwood Consulting in 2004

"Catherine helped me understand my personality type – this significantly improved how I communicate with others and I now better understand the behaviours of others and what matters to them.

Catherine really helped clarify what matters to me in my career."

Donna Okell

CEO, Cheshire Connect