Team Coaching

My 3 Ps mo​del

• Does your team have a common purpose and goals?

• Does your team have effective processes for:

     o Sharing information?

     o Running meetings?

     o Making decisions?

     o Planning?

     o Getting things done?

• Do your team members get on well with each other?

If your answer is “No”, then a team coaching workshop could be the answer.

Read a case study of how team coaching improved engagement scores in a utility company.

"Building effective teams is all about paying attention to the 3 Ps – their purpose, their processes and their personalities."

Catherine Stothart

Some of my clients:

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"I work with you to set achievable action plans in a supportive, challenging and fun environment."

This is what one of my clients said about the series of workshops I designed for them.

"This programme resulted in a greater consistency and quality of management. 

Managers now:

• have an increased understanding of themselves and others

• can adapt their management style to the situation and the individual

• are more aware of their impact on others"

Angela Wagstaff

HR Director, Archwood

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Team building at Archwood

A recent workshop at The Archwood Group

What clients say

"Many thanks for all the work you have done with our staff this year - it is greatly appreciated and has generated more discussion than any other CPD event!"

Darran Jones

Assistant Head Teacher, Christleton High School

"The feedback from our recent pilot sessions with Siemens was great and your training and guidance played a big part in that – thank you!"

Jo Darlington

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

The way we talk to each other has changed, we are discussing more things face to face and emailing much less. There is also more tolerance in management meetings now....I have changed the way I present tasks to different team members and I've noticed that the team are getting things done more quickly. It has helped me spot other people in the wider team too where I need to adapt my usual approach. I think every management team should do it

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Keith Loveday

Head of Business, Harrogate Audi

"Catherine worked with us as a facilitator of high performance teams. Her systematic, enthusiastic and professional approach delivered great feedback from the managers and teams she worked with."

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Joan Walsh

OD Facilitator, United Utilities