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With many people still working from home, managers are having to work out how best to delegate in the virtual world – and how to trust that the work will be done.

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Rebel Rapport

How you interact with others can be a blocker or an enabler to working collaboratively with them. If you can’t build rapport with people different from you, you won’t get the benefits of their Rebel Ideas.

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Give them CREDIT!

It’s inevitable that conflict will arise during the #forcedtogetherness and pressures of #socialisolation. But if we can give CREDIT to other people for their positive intentions, this goes a long way to defusing and dealing with misunderstandings and conflict

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Lockdown and Learning

With the government set to announce another three weeks of #lockdown today – and probably more to come after that – it’s a good time to review how we are doing, both personally and within our work and family lives.

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