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Christmas Parties and your Style

What can you do to maximise your chances of enjoying the Christmas party? One of the most noticeable differences between people is whether they are more extraverted or more introverted. There is a tendency to assume that people who are more extraverted will love parties while people who are more introverted will hate them. However, it is more complicated than that…..

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Four Steps to Manage your Mood in Meetings

Ever sat in a meeting and felt frustrated, bored or irritable?  Wouldn’t it be better if instead you felt relaxed, curious and energised?  You can’t control what others say and do in meetings, but you can control your own responses, affect how you feel and influence other people.

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Four Questions to Find your Focus

There is plenty of advice in books, articles and apps on how to switch off to regain focus.  We know what we should do – reduce screen time, accept we can’t multi-task, practice mindfulness  – but something prevents us.  I think there are two factors in play…..

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Why we need to hit Pause

The clocks in the UK went back at the weekend and if you are like me, you were grateful for the extra hour in bed to make up for being up late the night before – if you are like my mother, you got up at your usual time and used the extra hour to get more done. 

Whichever, it got me thinking about sleep and rest – how much we need it and how how it’s becoming difficult to get enough of it in our busy, always on lives.

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