Almost there! A few days left for last-minute present shopping, then it’s the big food and drink shop, followed by wrapping presents, making a table decoration, and putting together all the final touches to create a happy time for all.

At least that’s what my next few days will be like. I’m not an early-starter, much more a late finisher. Which are you? Find out in this blog.

So that’s the practical side of Christmas. But what about the emotional side?

How kind are you to others – and to yourself?

Christmas taps into our central core needs, (try my quiz to learn more about your core needs) especially our need to feel we belong to a group, that we matter to others. It can be a very hard time for people who aren’t included or who have lost loved ones. I lost my own mother this year and know people who will be alone this Christmas. Take a moment for small acts of kindness – they can make a big difference.

If you are spending Christmas with others, how can you manage the different personalities so that everyone feels happy? Get some tips here.

For me, one of the things that makes the Christmas period go well, is having some time out of doors each day, making the most of the few hours of daylight. We play tennis and go for walks.

I also take a bit of time to myself to read one of the books that I will be given. Looking after your physical, mental and emotional energy is important for well-being and for Christmas harmony!  It’s being kind to yourself, and to others too.

Enjoy the break…..and the return to normality afterwards!