Being resilient through lockdown

What would you do differently this time round?

As we approach some form of #lockdown again, I’ve been reflecting on what worked for me last time and what I would do differently this time around.  Resilience comes from looking after our physical, mental and emotional resources.

What worked for me last time was:


  • Doing a daily bike ride (except when raining!).
  • Attending an online pilates class
  • Helping my husband build a wildlife pond in the garden


  • Continuing my work with my coaching clients online instead of in-person
  • Breaking up my day with variety – and lots of small breaks from the screen.
  • Having a good book to read


  • Shopping for a friend who was isolating
  • Having a weekly Zoom chat with friends
  • Talking daily on Skype to my mother (who is in a care home)
  • Connecting with family online
  • Being in nature, in the garden, walks in the countryside
  • Having small things to look forward to

What struck me when I did this list, is how important the emotional things are to my resilience and well-being.  So what would I do differently this time?  Make even more time to connect with family, friends and the other communities I’m involved with.  And as well as helping myself, it might make a positive difference to them too. 

What helps you to be resilient in these challenging times?

For easy to action tips on building your resilience, try my SPICE quiz.

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