I wrote Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team to share best practice on how we can create workplaces where people can meet their core needs for freedom, competence and belonging.

The importance of this cannot be over-stated:
“a prerequisite for a healthy sense of self-determination, and hence for mental well-being and satisfaction with life, is that we fulfill three basic psychological needs—the needs to experience autonomy, competence, and relatedness (Ryan & Deci, 2017)”.

This quote is from an article in Psychology Today, Why Kids are Suffering Today, about how young people today are deprived of opportunities to experience autonomy, competence and relatedness. The author, Peter Gray issues a call to action to all of us to do what we can to change this situation.

Core Needs

This is also relevant to people in organisations and the CIPD advocates better work and working lives.  We feel happier, are motivated, and have greater well-being, when we have some choice and control over what we do (autonomy), can use our skills and talents (competence), and feel that we belong (relatedness).

If only we kept these needs in mind for ourselves at work and when we manage others! Sometimes we give feedback in a way that undermines confidence and competence, we reduce opportunities for choice and control, and we communicate in a non-inclusive manner.

Managing Others

The good news is that if you manage others, you can do so in a way that enables them to meet these basic core human needs for freedom, competence and belonging.

For example,

• you can create opportunities for people to come together to meet their needs for belonging.
• you can give feedback that enhances their confidence and competence.
• you can set motivating goals so people have some choice and control over their work.

If you are aware of these core needs for yourself, you can manage your life to meet those needs and do more of what energises you and less of what drains you!

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