Blue Monday?

They say that the third week of January is the most depressing of the year.  Not for me this year, as I am off to Sri Lanka on a wildlife-spotting holiday.  But if I were not, what could I do to keep my spirits up? 

This week is a time for thinking about what matters to you most and planning to make sure you give time to those things – Work?  Family? Friends? Money? Health?  These would probably figure on most people’s lists. 

Robert Peston wrote after the death of his wife,

“what matters in life: family first and foremost; work that fulfils; friends, beauty and fun”.

What matters to you and are you giving it the priority it deserves? 

The Wheel of Life tool, a free download from my website, can help you take stock of what’s important to you and work out how to shift your priorities to make time for what really matters.

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