Downloadable Templates & Questionnaires 

Feel free to download these templates and use them in your organisation provided you credit the source.

Communicating for Positive Results

It might seem odd to “plan” to communicate – after all, we communicate all the time, usually without thinking about it.

But that’s the problem - often our communication does not achieve the result we want and some advance thought can make a big difference.

This template can be used to plan any type of communication at work or at home (e.g. a phone call, a team briefing, a conversation about progress on a project, a meeting, a performance discussion etc).

Building your Energy and Resilience Questionnaire (SPICE)

Take the SPICE questionnaire, adapted from Harvard Business Review, to assess how well you look after and manage your energy levels.

Then put together a plan (see below) to avoid falling into the low energy traps and instead take positive steps to build your energy and resilience.

Energy Management Action Plan

Use this template to identify what you can do to increase your energy and resilience.

There are some examples given to start you off.

Enjoying your Life - Role Fit

Having a clear picture of your strengths, knowing what you enjoy, and how to deal with aspects of your role that you don’t enjoy or are not good at, or both, enhances confidence.

This tool is useful for your current job and when applying for jobs or evaluating your career direction.

It can also be used for your roles outside work too of course.

Skill - Will Matrix

The “Skill – Will” matrix is a tool to help you judge what style would be most effective to influence someone to action, depending on how committed (will) and how capable (skill) they are.

This applies equally to colleagues at work as well as people at home.

Wheel of Life

Developing yourself is not just about work.

You bring your whole self to work and take your whole self home. What happens to you in one part of your life spills over into the other parts.

The Wheel of Life is a tool for reviewing all parts of your life and how satisfied you feel with them.

Improving your Life - your Roles and your Goals

We all have many roles in our lives (eg employee, partner, friend, parent, sibling, volunteer, sports person etc).

This activity will help you to think about your roles and clarify what you want to change in your life and how to do it.

3Ps Team Assessment

This is a questionnaire for team members to assess the effectiveness of their team against the three key criteria of Purpose, Processes and Personalities.

It includes a Stop-Start-Continue action plan.

Urgent and Important Matrix

This is a tool for planning and prioritising, so you can spend more time on important things and less on low added value activities.

Overview of the Four Styles

This is a simple summary of the key characteristics and energy patterns of the four styles – Navigator, Mobiliser, Energiser and Synthesiser.

Mapping of MBTI and Interaction Styles

This shows the mapping of the MBTI four letter code for personality type to Interaction Styles.