Boss “phubbing” reduces trust

We’ve all seen people in groups looking at their phones rather than talking to each other.  Now there’s a name for it – “phubbing”, short for “phone snubbing”, giving your phone precedence over the people you are with.

It may not be a big deal if you miss out on some social conversations because you are looking at your phone.  But now researchers have found that managers who respond to their phones when they are in meetings with their employees, are less trusted by their staff and their teams have lower levels of engagement.

Here are some tips to avoid “phubbing” your team:

  • Don’t have audible alerts on your phone
  • Put your phone out of sight when talking to your staff
  • Resist the urge to check your phone in front of people
  • Agree ground rules for phone etiquette in meetings
  • If you have to have your phone available, tell people why – see it as the exception rather than the rule