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The Power of Self-Belief

I have just caught up with Simon Mundie’s interview of Kelly Holmes about whether self-belief is the single most important factor in success. A good question to ask in the week when the Liverpool and Spurs football teams delighted their fans……

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Easter Reflections

How will you use the Easter break (if you have one)? How about taking stock of those New Year’s resolutions? How are things going? Are you spending enough time on the things that give your life a sense of meaning and purpose?

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What Type of Mother Are You?

Are you a “happy together” mother or an “action adventure” mother or, like me, a “love of learning” mother? I came across The M.O.M.S Handbook[1] (MOMS = mothers of many styles) twenty years ago when my children were aged 9 and 7…..

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Blue Monday?

They say that the third week of January is the most depressing of the year.  Not for me this year, as I am off to Sri Lanka on a wildlife-spotting holiday.  But if I were not, what could I do to keep my spirits up? 

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Why we need to hit Pause

The clocks in the UK went back at the weekend and if you are like me, you were grateful for the extra hour in bed to make up for being up late the night before – if you are like my mother, you got up at your usual time and used the extra hour to get more done. 

Whichever, it got me thinking about sleep and rest – how much we need it and how how it’s becoming difficult to get enough of it in our busy, always on lives.

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Taking a Break in Nature

Taking a Break in Nature I’ve recently had a holiday in Cornwall, walking the coastal paths, surrounded by wild flowers, dramatic scenery and wildlife – linnets, gannets, seals and dolphins.  It really re-energised me and gave me a chance to take a different perspective on my life and reflect on changes I might want to […]

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