Two weeks into #socialdistancing and there’s a lot of good advice around on how to cope with #socialisolation.  But what about how to cope with #forcedtogetherness?

It is very easy to trigger negative emotions and reactions in other people especially when we are spending so much time with them. 

So here are some tips to help us get on with our closest companions, based on their #interaction style.

Mobilisers like action and results, they speak and move quickly and appear straightforward and determined.  They get stressed when nothing is being accomplished. 

If you are living with a #Mobiliser, help them identify some tasks they can get done that have concrete results.  Be patient if they boss you around!

Energisers like to be involved with other people, they move and speak enthusiastically and appear expressive and engaging.  They get stressed when they or others don’t get involved.

If you are a living with an #Energiser, help them find ways to channel their need for interaction.  Be prepared to chat to them and involve them in some joint activities if you can.

Navigators like to have a course of action, they move and speak in a deliberate manger and appear serious and focused.  They get stressed when they don’t know what’s going to happen.

If you are a living with a #Navigator, help them to make a schedule of activities and stick to it with them.

Synthesisers like to get lots of information and input, they move and speak patiently and appear unassuming and approachable. 

If you are a living with a #Synthesiser, help them to work out what it is they would like to achieve in the next few weeks and listen while they express their thoughts.

The What’s Your Style cards are a handy reference to how to connect with different types and avoid triggering their negative emotions.  Email  to place an order.