I post a blog every 1 – 2 weeks, usually related to something that is happening.  This week I am spoilt for choice – it’s St. David’s Day today, and World Book Day on Thursday.  Which to choose?  I went for both. 

What does St. David’s Day mean to me?  Well, it’s day when traditionally school children all over Wales take part in an eisteddfod, where they recite poems, tell stories, play music and sing.  It is a celebration of creative endeavour.  It opens the mind and expands the spirit – it tells of other possibilities than the grind of daily worksheets and lessons by Zoom. 

What about books?  Wales has many myths and legends that deal with human dilemmas and how to live – the legends of Camelot and Llywelyn and his dog Gelert to name just two.  There’s also more gritty literature in Wales – as a teenager I learnt about the vast wealth of the ironmasters and radical politics from the books of Alexander Cordell.  For a gentler insight into the spirit of Wales through its buildings I would recommend Simon Jenkins’ book – “Wales – Churches, Houses, Castles”.

For me today is a day to be proud of Wales and Welsh identity, but without feeling the need to dominate or feel superior to others – a form of “good” nationalism I guess.  And being proud of your identity is part of self-esteem – we can’t do without it.

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