Now that #lockdown is lifting, how do you feel about meeting up indoors with other people?  Are you raring to go, can’t wait to see people and already have lots of events lined up? If so, you probably have a bias towards Initiating contact (similar to Extraversion).  Or are you more ambivalent, not wanting to have too much on and still enjoying some aspects of lockdown?  Then you may have a bias towards Responding to contact (similar to Introversion). 

There is evidence that people who are naturally more introverted enjoyed having time to themselves during lockdown.  They also enjoyed not experiencing FOMO – they knew that nobody was able to socialise, so they didn’t have that nagging feeling that they “should” be socialising or that they were “missing out”.  

So what to do now?  If you tend to Initiate contact, don’t forget to invite your more introverted friends around – even if they don’t come, they appreciate being invited.

If you tend to Respond to contact and are starting to feel FOMO again, then overcome your natural tendency, and initiate contact with others.  Invite people to go for a walk or call in for a coffee.  Everyone needs some social contact, and there is always a danger for people with the bias towards introversion to become isolated. 

Watch this short video clip to find out more about the difference between Responding and Initiating and what it means for you. 


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