Give Yourself a Break……

We rightly value perseverance and determination.  But sometimes it can be counter-productive.  When I was reading the proofs of my book, I found I could only concentrate for a couple of hours at a time.  Sometimes I tried to make myself carry on for longer, but the law of diminishing returns set in and I found I was missing errors.  I learned to give myself a break and do something completely different that didn’t require this level of effortful attention – moving around, making a coffee, going into the garden, walking to the shops.  There was something about physical movement, after sitting at my desk, that re-energised me.

…..and put some SPICE in your life!

Being aware of and able to manage your different types of energy (physical, mental, emotional etc) underpins resilience.  In my case, using some physical energy, allowed my resources of mental energy to recharge and replenish, so that I could resume proof-reading with renewed attention and focus.

Take my SPICE questionnaire to assess how well you manage your energy – and while we have this spell of good weather, give yourself a break and make the most of the opportunity to get outside!