I am on holiday with my husband, a week in a cottage in Horncastle on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  Although a UK holiday in October might not be our first choice usually, it does feel like a holiday.  So what makes a holiday a holiday, if it isn’t the sunshine?   I suspect the answer differs depending both on personality and circumstances. 

The highlights for me have been:

  • being out of doors and enjoying the autumn colours
  • cycling along the Viking Way and Spa Trail looking out for sculptures
  • discovering family connections – my father did his RAF national service here
  • learning about the history of the area – Bolingbroke castle where Henry IV was born, the Civil War Battle of Winceby, the aerodrome at Woodhall linked to the dambuster raids, the many hamlets with names ending in -by, a sign of Viking settlement
  • seeing the geography and wildlife – the vast salt marshes and mudflats of the Wash, the curlew and shelduck, the red chalk in the hilly Wolds, the buzzards and kestrels
  • the miles and miles of flat fields filled with cabbages, caulis, leeks, kale, broccoli – now being harvested to bring food to our shops
  • not hurrying anywhere, not having a “to-do” list.

The pleasure of the week has a lot to do with physically exploring the area and learning new things and I realise that I could do many of the things in this list from home – being outside, exploring the area where I live and learning more about it. 

As we enter another phase of rolling #lockdowns perhaps the way to get through these dark days is to do some of the things that give you pleasure on holiday, but do them at home. 

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