The Thomas Cook collapse got me thinking about holidays and what they are for.  Amongst the many different answers to that question, a common one is “to get away from it all”.  But what exactly are we getting away from? And why do we feel we need to?  Whatever it is we get from holidays, wouldn’t it be good if we could put some of that holiday feeling into our day-to-day lives? 

A holiday can be an opportunity to REVIEW how your life is going and to RENEW your energy for making changes towards how you want it to be. 

The Wheel of Life is a great tool for thinking about the different parts of your life and deciding on where you want to make changes.

Today I am going with friends to Jersey for the weekend.  It will be an opportunity to spend time with them, have some fun together and explore an interesting place. I know it will make me feel good.  My “Review and Renew” pledge is to build more of that into my day-to-day life!