How to keep that holiday feeling


Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

This is how I feel after two weeks in Sri Lanka – calm, relaxed, at peace with the world.  It has been bliss to escape from Brexit and instead to spend time in nature.  But how can I maintain these positive feelings and sense of calm once I am back to my normal life?  The good effects of a holiday can quickly wear off as we resume our old patterns and routines. But it needn’t be this way – you can make changes. 


I find it helpful to identify some small shifts in behaviour that enable me to do more of what brings fulfilment and less of the things that cause me frustration.  I use the Stop – Start – Continue tool to nudge myself into new behaviours.  So here are my reflections  – making my intentions public, makes it more likely I will stick to them! 

  • Stop having unrealistic expectations of how much I can do in a day.
  • Stop beating myself up when I fail to meet them.
  • Start pacing myself better and plan to get less done.
  • Start using some of my time every day on what’s important to me.
  • Continue spending time with family and friends.
  • Continue making time for my physical and spiritual sides by taking exercise and being out of doors.

Remember that it’s said that it takes 21 repetitions to create a new habit, so embed behavioural changes with some rituals to consolidate your new patterns.  And give yourself a reward when you succeed.

If you are struggling to get balance in your life and want some practical tips for change, take my SPICE questionnaire – it’s in my book – and take the first steps towards creating the life you want.