With the government set to announce another three weeks of #lockdown today – and probably more to come after that – it’s a good time to review how we are doing, both personally and within our work and family lives. 

Kolb’s learning cycle is a useful model for this review:

Experience: What’s been happening? What have I been doing and saying during this time?

Review: How is it going?  What’s going well or not so well?

Conclude: What could I have done differently?  What other options do I have?

Plan:  What can I learn from this?  What can I do differently from now on?

It’s a great model because it applies to everything you do, say, think or feel – from the run-of-the-mill, (like how often I go to the supermarket), to the existential, (how do I want to live my life after this is over?). 

Give it a try – it’s simple but effective!