If you are like me, you need things to look forward to.  Everyone says this third lockdown in the UK is the hardest yet, because it is in the winter and there is no end in sight.  I’ve been finding small things to look forward to – things I would usually take for granted – to get me through these dark days. 

One of those things has been Friday night take-aways.  We get dressed up, drive down to the town to pick up a meal, then eat it at the dining table with the lights low and soft music playing, just like in a restaurant.  This week we’ll be doing this for Valentine’s Day.  I’m usually a sceptic about this – “too commercial” – but this year I’m glad we have something to look forward to this weekend.

What are you finding during lockdown to look forward to? If you need ideas, have a look at my blogs in the Resilience category, or pick up some tips from this article in the Guardian.