Every time I have a holiday I say the same thing – when I get back, I must slow down, be less busy with work, make more time for friends….etc.  Then after a while, the good resolutions are forgotten and I am as busy as ever.  Maybe it’s just the way I am – I am interested in lots of things, enjoy starting new projects and I like variety.  If someone invites me to a social event or to work with them, I usually accept even when I know I shouldn’t – I always believe that I will somehow manage it all and usually I do.  But then an unexpected problem occurs, I find I am under too much pressure and can’t fit it all in – then I get stressed. 

Personality type has helped me make sense of this.  In #MBTI, I have an NP preference – I take in lots of information, brainstorm options and make connections between ideas and people.  The trouble occurs when the options run away with me and I lose focus on the important tasks.  A recent Linkedin post by Grace Pacie put this positively but there are definite downsides.

So I am writing this blog post as I get back from holiday to remind myself of how good it feels to not be too busy, and how I can continue this when I get back.  My top three actions (which work for me until I forget about them):

  • Personal Kanban – only having three items at a time on my work in progress list
  • Building in contingency time every day for the unexpected
  • Doing the important stuff first, and only for a few hours a day as suggested by Oliver Burkeman

What helps you get on with things?