Learn how to tap into your team’s top motivators and lead them to fulfil their purpose and potential.

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This book is for leaders and managers of people who want to know how to motivate their teams, improve their well-being, and feel motivated themselves.

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What’s the book about?

  • Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself and your team?
  • Do you know how to lead your team to do more of what energises them and less of what turns them off?
  • Are you an “accidental manager” with great technical skills who hasn’t been trained for managing people?

No-one tells you how to motivate yourself or how to motivate others. You are expected to work it out for yourself. Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team will help you pick your way through the motivation minefield and apply simple tools to tap into your team’s top motivators and lead them to fulfil their purpose and potential.


  • the four top motivators
  • how your own top motivator impacts your leadership style
  • how to identify which ones apply to which members of your team
  • how to engage, develop, delegate to, and connect with, people who have different motivators
  • simple tools and techniques to help them (and yourself) sustain motivation
  • how to be resilient through setbacks

Along the way, you’ll understand more about your own motivation and how to make choices about your career and life that fit with who you really are.

Download – Motivation: The Ultimate Guide Workbook

    What’s Your Motivation? Quiz.

    We are motivated to meet our core psychological needs to feel competent, have some freedom, belong to a group, and fulfil our potential. While we share all these needs, usually one of them has more importance and significance for each of us in our lives.

    This quiz will help you decide which of the four core motivators fits you best. Each motivator is linked to specific patterns of behaviour and helps explain why you do what you do!

    Catherine Stothart
    Author, Coach, Consultant

    About the Author

    My books result from my 30 years’ experience in leadership development with top multinational companies – currently Airbus and Google. I have coached and trained hundreds of leaders in the private sector and in education to engage and motivate their teams and develop themselves.

    This book will bring you the top tools and practical tips that really work.

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    How to Get On With Anyone.

    Learn how to understand others, use your charisma and communicate effectively to build better relationships.

    For a short guide to communicating, see my e-book, Communicating for Positive Impact and Influence published by Bookboon.

    A really practical and insightful book which brings a new ideas on how to lead and motivate others, but also how to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals.
    Athalia Dangerfield

    I can’t think of a better or more practical team motivation book than this one. I will be changing some of my approaches as a result.
    Sean Kennedy

    Catherine’s book really helped me understand my own leadership style and how to adapt it best to meet the needs of my team. Highly recommend.
    Adam Chapman

    I hesitated to buy this book since I’m not a manager. I don’t lead a team so I wasn’t sure this book would be useful for me. However, I loved Catherine’s first book How to Get on with Anyone, so I thought I’d give her new book a try. And I’m glad I did because there is plenty of good information for individuals as well!
    Mary Gassen

    SUCH a useful and well-written book: motivating people effectively – and honestly – is the most foundational way to get more out of them, and Catherine sets out simple but powerful strategies here for doing it well (without killing yourself in the process). Highly recommended.
    Alison Jones

    This book has been a game changer as I took over a new team – not only did I find an accurate reflection of my own motivators but also able to identify the motivators of others I work with. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand the motivations of the people they interact with to get the best out of them and to properly support them.
    Rob Martin

    The ambiguity around the future of the work place and the shift to virtual working have put pressures on leaders like never before… is vital for leaders to motivate their teams and the wider organisation.  This book provides an excellent, simple to use tool kit for helping you to deliver results together with others.
    Guy Lubitsh

    Professor in Leadership & Psychology, Hult Ashridge Executive Education

    This book brings together content and real examples with the opportunity to pause and reflect about personal behaviour, choices, and aspirations.  Each chapter encourages the reader’s brain to slow down and learn thoughtfully, which much needed in this current world of limited attention, fast responses and rapid problem-solving.
    Dr Helena Boschi

    Psychologist and Applied Neuroscientist

    This inspiring work provides a thorough exploration of communication and motivation as well as numerous practical tools and activities that can be used to facilitate personal and team development.  This book, based on extensive academic research and her decades of experience, is an essential resource for managers, coaches and facilitators seeking to motivate team members and build self-confidence.

    Mary McGuiness

    Author of You’ve Got Personality , Director of the Institute for Type Development.

    A fascinating and practical book that explores two big questions every manager and leader needs to answer. How do I get the best out of myself and how do I get the best from others? Curious to find out more?  Then dive straight into this highly engaging read.
    Professor Paul McGee

    aka The Sumo Guy, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker.

    With this book you can explore your leadership style in a practical and relatable way, and gain a new perspective on how to motivate your team and others.

    Marc Jones

    Head of Broughton Plant Value Stream, Widebody Programmes, , Airbus.

    This book is a much-needed tool for leaders. Motivation is the core fuel of performance in all our endeavours. Catherine explains how leaders can go about understanding and inspiring motivation in those they lead. Post-pandemic, these insights are more crucial than ever.
    Cath Bishop

    Olympian, former diplomat, leadership coach and author of The Long Win.

    Most leaders know that they are supposed to be ‘different’ from the old command and control, but they don’t always know how. This book provides the guidance they need – it’s an essential read for people managers at all levels.
    Ashley Oates

    Market Area Director (Audi), Jardine Motors Group.

    Nearly every Team Leader finds that motivating and inspiring their people is a challenge and a learning journey. This easily accessible guide will help them with a range of tools and ideas from which they are sure to get invaluable help along that journey. Every new leader should receive this as a welcome present!
    Andrew Mayo

    Professor of Human Capital Management, Middlesex University.

    Catherine has a way of simplifying management models by using ‘live’ examples and then getting us to look more introspectively at both our own and others’ styles.   Bring out the best in yourself and others by buying this book!

    Jane Hubbard

    Director, People Jigsaw Ltd, Former HR Director of Chester Zoo

    This book has lots of techniques to help develop both skills and insight and provides a very practical guide with real life examples that people will benefit from.
    Sue Higginson

    Principal and CEO, Wirral Met College

    This guidebook will show you exactly how to inspire and engage even the most challenging members of your team to find more fulfilment and enjoyment in their work and perform at their best! 
    Eve Delunas

    PhD, author of Survival Games Personalities Play.

    This is a thorough and well researched book and is an essential read for people managers at all levels
    Sue Blair

    Director of Personality Dynamics, Author, Speaker, Coach

    Grounded in rigorous psychological research, Catherine has created a fantastic resource for the 21st century leader.

    Dr. Penny Moyle

    Business psychologist and Executive Coach

    This book is a great resource for the leader in all of us. It reveals essential motivators that feed our psychological needs and provides practical ways to stretch beyond our own motivators to powerfully lead ourselves and others.
    Linda Berens

    Ph.D.; Author, Exploring Essential Motivators, Founder, InterStrength™ Institute

    This book provides readers with the opportunity to learn about motivation; this is accompanied by very informative self-assessments and tasks. The combination of knowledge, action and also reflection is highly commendable.
    Dr. Jennifer Johnson

    University of Liverpool Management School.

    Catherine’s book is a simple, clear guide to understanding your leadership style by accepting that there are different temperaments in human personality, any one of which can mean success as a leader and where motivation will vary. The interactive ‘exercises’ are an engaging way of encouraging readers to work out the practical applications that will work for them.
    Jenny Rogers

    Executive Coach and Writer.

    Too often the talk about motivation is very general, missing what constitutes meaningful work for each individual. This book gives great insight into individuals’ core needs, values, and talents and therefore what is likely to motivate them. It’s a valuable resource for managers, coaches, consultants, and leaders to use both in relation to themselves and others.
    Susan Nash

    Author, Founder of The Type Academy and architect of Flawless Facilitation

    Catherine is an expert on motivation. Her extensive research of relevant scenarios brings a beautiful real-life perspective to motivation. The concept of Leader-Manager is crucial to successful business leaders and can be transformative in the development of themselves and their teams. The case studies offer a phenomenal way to apply learning a practical way. A must read for any leader of people!
    Brianna Burgos

    Senior Manager, People Development & Organizational Learning.

    Catherine has successfully integrated multiple complementary motivation frameworks which results in a comprehensive and powerful resource for leader-managers. Her insights on how to leverage the four motivation patterns are among the best I have seen. Every reader will discover motivational take-aways they can use themselves – and leave with clear techniques they can use with their teams.
    Rob Toomey

    President, TypeCoach LLC

    This useful and timely coaching handbook is underpinned by Catherine’s extensive experience of coaching leaders and managers. I recommend this book as a handy guide to anyone needing to motivate individuals and teams, whether leaders and managers or coaches and educators.
    Lisa Rossetti

    Coach and Community Practitioner, Member of Association for Coaching.

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