Learn how to tap into your team’s top motivators and lead them to fulfil their purpose and potential.

My latest book, Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team, comes out in 2022. This book is for leaders and managers of people who want to know how to motivate their teams, improve their well-being, and feel motivated themselves.

What’s the book about?

To be published by Routledge, Autumn 2022

  • Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself and your team?
  • Do you know how to lead your team to do more of what energises them and less of what turns them off?
  • Are you an “accidental manager” with great technical skills who hasn’t been trained for managing people?

No-one tells you how to motivate yourself or how to motivate others. You are expected to work it out for yourself. Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team will help you pick your way through the motivation minefield and apply simple tools to tap into your team’s top motivators and lead them to fulfil their purpose and potential.


  • the four top motivators
  • how your own top motivator impacts your leadership style
  • how to identify which ones apply to which members of your team
  • how to engage, develop, and delegate to people with different motivators
  • simple tools and techniques to help them (and yourself) sustain motivation
  • how to be resilient through setbacks

Along the way, you’ll understand more about your own motivation and how to make choices about your career and life that fit with who you really are.

Catherine Stothart
Author, Coach, Consultant

About the Author

My books result from my 30 years’ experience in leadership development with top multinational companies – currently Airbus and Google. I have coached and trained hundreds of leaders in the private sector and in education to engage and motivate their teams and develop themselves.

This book will bring you the top tools and practical tips that really work.

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For a short guide to communicating, see my e-book, Communicating for Positive Impact and Influence published by Bookboon.

Catherine is author of ‘How to get on with anyone’. I love her work, and her book is the one I most recommend to my clients, for helping them to understand their own preferred ways of interacting at work and how to spot how others like to interact too.

Chrissie Martindale


I can recommend Catherine’s book btw – How to Get On with Anyone is an insightful and informative read.

Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones

Author, Authentic Leadership Development Specialist

How to Get On with Anyone – A MUST-READ for any manager, leader or anyone working closely with others.

Dr Arwen Wilcock

Institute of Leadership and Management

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