Murray’s Magic Future

Andy Murray played possibly his last competitive match this week – a fantastic 5 setter where he came back from the brink several times, and once again showed the resilience and determination that is his hallmark.  If it is his last match, it’s one he can be proud of.  But it is clearly a major emotional wrench for him to think about retiring – not surprising, as he has devoted his youth and adulthood to the single-minded pursuit of excellence in tennis and he has achieved at the highest level. 

How will he adapt and make the best of the change of circumstance? 

This question, in sharp relief for him now, is one that faces most of us at some time in our lives.  Maybe our work life doesn’t go to plan, or our home life doesn’t live up to our hopes, or other unexpected and unwanted things happen.  Some changes we choose, while others, as in Murray’s case, are forced upon us. 

What matters is how we manage our thoughts and feelings through the transition from one life to the new one.

Here are some questions, drawn from my coaching practice, that can help people work through a major change:

  • What are your hopes about this change?
  • What are your fears about this change?
  • What matters to you most?
  • How do you see yourself in the future? 
  • Who can help you to move forwards?


Murray has received much praise this week, not only for his performance on court but also for his support for women’s equality.  Life doesn’t only have one track – there are many paths we can take.  As Billie Jean-King tweeted of Murray,

“your greatest impact on the world may be yet to come”