Ever made a simnel cake for Easter?

Ever tried explaining type dynamics or the cognitive stack?

Or the fact that #personalitytype is a lot more complex than the preference pairs of tools such as the #MBTI? Or that the different aspects of your personality work together and create something that is greater than the sum of the parts? It can be complicated to explain, which is why I say it’s a bit like baking a cake.

You take the ingredients, mix them, bake them, and then you have something unique, which can’t be unbaked. It’s the same with your personality – you have all eight elements within you and they combine in a dynamic relationship.

And no two cakes are the same – how they turn out depends on the exact environment in which they were created. I have never made the same simnel cake twice. Similarly, no two people with the same 4 letter shorthand code for their personality, are the same.

Jung’s theory of how the mind works describes eight mental processes in our personalities, but the order in which they are mixed, and the environment in which they are created affects the outcome. And the really important thing about Jung’s theory is that it gives you a pathway for development throughout your whole life, as you access and integrate the less preferred parts of your personality.  You can have your cake and eat it – Happy Easter!