Now that the clocks have gone back in the UK and it’s dark at 5pm, keeping resilient is going to be more of a challenge.  I’ll be giving some tips for resilience in a webinar for CIMA on Thursday 29th October – it’s open to all, sign up here.

One tip which I will talk about is building resilient beliefs – our beliefs about events and people can either be helpful to us or can hinder us.  For example, if you are going for an interview and believe that the interviewers already know who they want, you will feel negative, you will behave less confidently and you will be less likely to impress the interviewers.  Conversely, if you hold more realistic beliefs, that you have as much chance as anyone else, you will feel more confident and will come across better.  And if you don’t get the job, attributing it to others having better experience than you, is more helpful than telling yourself that you are always going to fail.    

I call this the BEAR chain (ie our Beliefs lead to Emotions, which influence our Actions which influence the Results we get) and it can help or hinder us.

This is also known as the ABCDE technique from cognitive behavioural therapy and there was a good discussion of it on Simon Mundie’s Don’t Tell Me the Score with Helen Davis recently.  Listen to it here.

For more on this and other tips for resilience,