Here are some published articles about how to apply personality styles to get on better with other people and improve your work and home life!

Interaction Styles: Conflicts and Connections

Typeface, Vol 33, No 1, Winter 2022

How to Coach Your Clients to Delegate

Coaching at Work, March 2021

The New Etiquette for Video Meetings

Management Today, July 2020

To do or to delegate? Tips for all Types

Typeface, Vol 31, No 1, Winter 2020

The Rules of Rapport

ILM’s Edge magazine, February 2019

Getting on with Other People

ICES Journal April 2019

Interaction Styles Team Working Tips

(2016) Typeface, Vol, 27, No, 4

Coaching with MBTI

(2014), Typeface, Vol. 25, No. 2

Social Media

building walls or bridges? (2018) BAPT website

Review of How to Get On with Anyone

Coaching at Work, January 2021

Jung and Evidence

Typeface, Vol 30, No 4, Autumn 2019

The Practice Behind High Performance

The Attic, journal of Obelisk Support, December 2019

Positive Impact and Influence

Flybe’s Flight Time magazine, October 2019

Closing the Influence Gap

(2019) Typeface Vol. 30, No. 1

Rapid Impact Coaching

International Coaching News Issue 23 Nov 2018

About the MBTI

what it does and doesn’t do

Interacting in High Performance Teams

(2015), Typeface, Vol. 26. No.

Coaching for Engagement

(2013), Typeface, Vol. 24, No. 2