Media Resources

Here are some TV, video and webinar resources about Interaction Styles.  NEW!  Also now available, What’s Your Style? cards

Overview of Interaction Styles – learn about the four styles, their drives and stressors and how to ensure your impact matches your positive intention to get the results you want.

What’s Your Style? cards – find out how other people see you and how to get on better with them

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2019 Australian APT conference session – find out how our beliefs about ourselves and others influence our behaviour, in this recording from the conference in Melbourne

Australian Deep Dive series – find out more about the cues and miscues we transmit when interacting with others – and how Interaction Styles helps.

Closing the Influence Gap – in this conference keynote session, Catherine discusses how our beliefs about ourselves and others have consequences, which can help or hinder us in our relationships.


Conflicts and Connections – in this webinar, Catherine talks about how our beliefs lead us into conflict with others – and how to deal with it.

Interaction Styles and Emotional Intelligence – in this 90 minute webinar learn how a knowledge of Interaction Styles can help you be more emotionally intelligent.  

BAPT In Conversation with – watch the interview about how Catherine got into personality type, her work as a coach, and her experience of writing a book and getting published.