Catherine speaks at events and conferences, within the UK and internationally, on topics related to getting on with and motivating other people, well-being, and personality type:

  • Communicating for positive influence and impact
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Improving your life with the insights from personality type

Catherine also runs online workshops and webinars on these topics.

Online and in-person clients

Your presentation was excellent and more interactive than our usual speakers – which has given us helpful food for thought!
Donna Okell

UK for Good

I really appreciated your conference presentation yesterday. I was impressed by your knowledge of your subject, and your calm and confident delivery. I can see why you have such top flight clients!
Grace G. Pacie

Author of Late!: A Timebender’s Guide to Why We Are Late and How We Can Change

I want to express our thanks for your amazing session on Monday, the students were really engaged in your session and were able to use a lot of what you shared to evaluate their own leadership style.
Athalia Dangerfield

Lecturer, Chester Business School

Thank you so much for doing the Book Club session. It was really useful, and engaging and we had a great turnout.

Eloise Cook

Pearson Books

Here’s what they said in Australia

Thanks Catherine, great short impactful message. Understanding interaction styles is so powerful and helpful as you have highlighted in effective communication.

Kelly Magowan

Career Strategist & Executive Coach

As at my last BAPT conference, I got a lot out of your presentation yesterday, particularly new insights on how, as a directing ENFJ, to adapt my requests to my INTP husband.
Carmel Connell

Executive Coach and HR Consultant

Interaction styles is an excellent complement to Type and other personality theories, and Catherine is a highly knowledgeable and engaging presenter.
Dr. Angelina Bennet

Innovative Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Again, great to see you and be a part of your session, you have added so much to the Interaction Styles model, I concur with the participant who said it was the best session on the topic of which she had been a part.
Katherine Hirsh

Facilitator and Thought Leader

Read what CIMA attendees said

I really enjoyed your webinar today, I believe you gave a boost of energy to the audience 🙂

Wanted to say a big thank you for your insights/advice/coaching on the CIMA webinar.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom so articulately

Really thought provoking, I will be using the BEAR, thanks for sharing.

Helpful and refreshing tips for my job search

Really enjoyed your clear and informative presentation.

I have recently completed an MSc in Psychology of Sport and the techniques you described will be helpful for me in this field.

Love the BEAR challenge and all the tips you gave, like taking three positive things about your day, even tried it on my children.

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