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St. David’s Day – Essenwood Consulting

St. David’s Day

Tomorrow is St David’s Day and I will wear a daffodil to show my allegiance to Wales.  Last weekend I joined in with the Welsh national anthem and other songs during the rugby match against England.  Traditionally school children all over Wales celebrate their saint’s day by taking part in an eisteddfod, where they recite poems, tell stories, play music and sing.  It is a celebration of creative endeavour. 

These occasions got me thinking about nationalism and whether it means different things to people with different personalities.  (And here I am talking about “good” nationalism – where you have pride in your country and identity, but without feeling the need to dominate others). 

What does pride in your country mean to different types?

Here are some ideas. I have grouped the 16 MBTI types into four temperament groupings which relate to motivation to act. 

  • For the Stabilisers, (SJ preferences), celebrating St David’s Day may be an opportunity to observe tradition and show loyalty to the community to which they belong. 
  • For the Improvisers, (SP preferences), celebrating St David’s Day may be a chance to do something different, dress up and perform for others. 
  • For the Catalysts, (NF preferences), celebrating St David’s Day may be about the uniqueness of Wales, the Welsh language and its myths and legends.
  • For the Theorists, (NT preferences), celebrating St David’s Day may be about the whole tapestry of Wales – its history, castles, landscape, industry, food, culture and of course sport.  

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

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