It was St Patrick’s Day yesterday and I almost wished I was Irish (I am Welsh).  Being Irish yesterday would have cheered up a boring Wednesday for me – I could have put on green clothes, worn a shamrock, played some Irish music, cooked an Irish meal……basically, a chance to make the day feel different and break the routine of yet another #lockdown day. 

We all need things to look forward to and one of the things that has got me through the last year has been creating small things to look forward to.  At the moment, the big things – like holidays and visiting my sons – are on hold.  But I’ve learned that the small things – watching a woodpecker in a tree, going for a bike ride, having a weekly take-away meal, talking to friends on Zoom – are what are keeping me going.  It’s so important for our #mentalhealth to make these things happen.

Last week I was finally able to visit my mother, who lives in a care home, in her room.  Now that was a big thing that really made my week, and hers.