Are you getting the right amount of support and challenge at work?  Now that many people have been working from home for several months and are likely to continue this for some time to come, it’s worth reflecting on what you need from your organisation so that you can be as productive and happy as possible.  A simple way to think about this is to review:

  • What support you need from your colleagues/manager/organisation
  • What level of challenge you need in your work

Too much challenge without support can be stressful; too much support without challenge can be stifling; an absence of both leads to apathy and boredom.  We all need some level of both support and challenge, and if we get it, we are energised, a much better state to be in.  How are you feeling? Bored? Stressed? Cosy? or Energised?

So what will help you get into that top right box?  What support do you need and who can give it to you?  What are the challenging activities you would love to take on?  What do you really enjoy doing at work?

If you manage others, find out what support, or challenge, they need from you.