Taking a Break in Nature

I’ve recently had a holiday in Cornwall, walking the coastal paths, surrounded by wild flowers, dramatic scenery and wildlife – linnets, gannets, seals and dolphins.  It really re-energised me and gave me a chance to take a different perspective on my life and reflect on changes I might want to make.

This is what Rachel and Stephen Kaplan call the “soft fascination” of nature – because it doesn’t require much effort, it leaves your mind free to wander, but without the boredom of doing nothing.  This mind-wandering enables things that are important to you, but normally kept submerged by busy-ness, to surface into your conscious mind.

We can’t be on holiday all the time, but we can take some small actions during the working day to replicate the holiday effect and re-energise.

By taking a break during the day, and using some physical energy, you allow your resources of mental energy to recharge and replenish and when you go back to your work, you are more effective. The habit of working through lunch, tied to our desks is actually counter-productive:

give yourself a break, move around, get some fresh air and you will actually get more done!