It’s #Blue Monday – the day in the UK when the dull, grey January days really get to us; the day when the resolutions you made to change your life on New Year’s Eve don’t seem such a good idea; the day when all you seem to do is work, sleep, repeat.

It’s also the day you can change those feelings by three simple actions:

Giving yourself something to look forward to.

What do you enjoy? What makes you feel good? Often it is something that fulfils our core needs to belong to a group, to have some freedom, and to feel competent.

So feed that need by organising to see friends or family, or taking off for the day to do something different, or spending time on your hobby. Learn more about your core needs and how to fulfil them from my book. Watch the video on this page for an overview.

Reframing your big resolutions as small shifts in behaviour.

Break the elephant task down into mouse-sized chunks. Have a positive vision of what you want, then set short term actionable first steps towards your target.

Motivation comes from having a Vision of where you want to get to AND having some first steps. Create new habits to make it easy and reward yourself along the way. Find out how here.

Looking after your physical, mental and emotional energy

It’s not easy at this time of year to get enough physical exercise in the outdoors, but we know that time in the natural world contributes to our well-being. We tend to drain our mental energy by spending too long on screens, emails and meetings, and we can neglect our emotional needs.

Put some SPICE back into your life by taking the quiz and identifying some really easy actions to build your resources of physical, mental and emotional energy.

Three simple actions – #Blue Monday needn’t be blue!

(I love this image of a painting by Klimt – it might be blue, but I find it uplifting and the tiny white flowers hint at spring).