Gone are the days (thank goodness) when fathers were remote figures whose children hardly knew them.  Now you can be your natural self far more.  But what is your natural style?  There are four styles that people tend to fall into when they communicate, and each one has benefits and pitfalls.  Which style fits you? 

The Mobiliser Dad

Mobilisers like to get things done.  Their motto is “Let’s do it now!”  They tend to be energetic and determined, straightforward and direct.  Mobiliser dads like their children to get on with things (especially their homework!).  Top tip: beware of seeming impatient, and don’t forget to make time to listen to your child.

The Navigator Dad

Navigators like to think ahead.  Their motto is “What’s the plan?”.  They tend to be focused and methodical, calm and intense.  Navigator dads like their children to think first and plan ahead.  Top tip: beware of seeming too serious – don’t forget to talk to your child and have fun!

The Energiser Dad

Energisers like to involve others.  Their motto is “Let’s do it together!”.  They tend to be expressive and engaging, persuasive and enthusiastic.  Energiser dads like their children to get involved and be communicative.  Top tip: beware of seeming too intrusive and don’t forget to give them space.

The Synthesiser Dad

Synthesisers like to weigh things up.  Their motto is “What result do we need?”. They tend to be patient and approachable, unassuming and modest.  Synthesiser dads like to give their children options and ‘be there’ for them.  Top tip: beware of seeming too accommodating – don’t forget to tell them what you want.

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