Catherine’s workshops include:

  • Communicating for positive impact and influence
  • Motivating your team
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Understanding each other with personality type (using MBTI or TypeCoach)

All workshops can be run online or in-person

What’s Your Interaction Style?

Watch the recording of this taster session to find out:

Join me to find out:

  • The secrets of How to Get On with Anyone
  • How Interaction Styles helps you be more emotionally intelligent
  • How it relates to the 16 personality types of the MBTI
This masterclass was excellent! Filled with practical advice on how to apply and implement Interaction Styles in an organizational setting. Catherine’s cards for each of the Styles are a great tool for clients to have handy at their desktop as they interact with others.
Cindy Paris

The People Skills Group

I have found it really helpful to delve deeper into what was a superficial understanding of Interaction Styles. This is such a practical course offering great learning and helpful tips both for ourselves and our clients.

Clare Ayers

Personal Development Coach, New Zealand

Interaction Styles Masterclass (online) for Type Practitioners and Coaches

Contact me to discuss a bespoke class for your organisation.

Interaction Styles is an area where she has deep expertise. Catherine is someone I admire and who is a credible expert on this cool topic.
Rob Toomey

President, TypeCoach

A veritable banquet of fantastic materials, useful exercises, excellent discussion, and skilful facilitation. Extremely good value.
Sarah Perrott

MD, Cresco Consulting

I cannot recommend this series of Masterclass Workshops highly enough. I learned so much about using Interaction Styles effectively with clients. Thanks Catherine Stothart, such a knowledgeable and generous facilitator. Loved our group.

Harumi Gondo

Author and MBTI Master Practitioner


Building effective teams is all about paying attention to the
3 Ps – their Purpose, their Processes and their Personalities.
Does your team have a common purpose and goals?
Does your team have effective processes for:

  • Sharing information?
  • Running meetings?
  • Making decisions?
  • Planning?
  • Getting things done?

Do your team members get on well with each other?

If your answer is “No”, then a team coaching workshop could be the solution.

Catherine provided excellent online development that was integral to our well-being agenda. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine and her experience and talent is complemented by her customer focused approach in ensuring she really understands how her work fits with her customer’s objectives.

Sue Higginson

Principal and CEO, Wirral Metropolitan College

Catherine is experienced in facilitating workshops for multiple audiences on how to use Type to improve communication and performance . In addition, she combines workshops with one-to one coaching where needed.

Susan Nash

Owner, EM-Power Inc

The team is much more close together, much more listening and supportive towards each other…there is much more collaboration, interest, and dynamism – the increase in trust is perceptible. Thank you very much for your personal involvement – I felt real and effective support from you, a great collaboration.

Isabelle Sciannamea


Useful clear tools to improve interpersonal skills and workplace relationships – we have had online training based around the book and I think it has greatly improved the way the team communicate and understand each other’s differing styles, highly recommended. 

Emma Callan

Operations Director, Westway

The feedback from our recent pilot sessions with Siemens was great and your training and guidance played a big part in that – thank you!

Jo Darlington

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Many thanks for all the work you have done with our staff this year – it is greatly appreciated and has generated more discussion than any other CPD event!

Darran Jones

Head Teacher, Christleton High School