World Introvert Day started 10 years ago with the aim to help people around the world to better understand and appreciate introverts.  Having a bias towards introversion does not mean you are shy, or nerdy, or can’t communicate.  It simply means that you get more of your energy from your internal thoughts and feelings rather than from the outer world of people and things.  Introverts are more sensitive to external stimulation and so need less of it. 

The consequences of this are:

  • you may be less expressive and say less than your more extraverted colleagues
  • your energy is drained more quickly when you are with others
  • you need more time alone to recharge your batteries
  • people may see you as reserved or aloof, or wonder what you are hiding!
  • it can be difficult to get into conversations, as extraverts rarely pause

If this list sounds negative, here are some positives:

  • you think first before speaking, so your views are thought through
  • you have strong powers of concentration and the ability to go into depth
  • you are probably a good listener
  • you can entertain yourself without always needing other people
  • you can have a calming effect on others

No-one is completely one or the other – if they were, they’d be a 24/7 party animal or a hermit – we are all a mixture, but our balance naturally tends towards one more than the other.  And we need each other – extraverts need people who will listen while they talk out their ideas.  If you know your own bias, you can adapt your lifestyle to suit your preference – building in more time to yourself when you need it and finding ways to get your views heard when it’s important to you. 

What will I (with the introversion bias) be doing today?  Some writing and reading, then some pilates and finally, a walk with my husband when, if he’s lucky, I might talk to him!

Happy World Introvert Day!